Customized Solutions.

Our mission is to meet your financial goals. We engage with you to understand your specific circumstances and develop a structure specific to your risk tolerance. We provide with you with a clear written guideline. Transparency, discipline, cost-containment and simplicity means that your expected results are within reach.

We manage over $1 billion in discretionary and advisory assets for our clients. For clients with $500,000 or more to invest, our customized investment solutions:

  • Consider all our clients’ financial (i.e. pension investments, investments held with other managers, restricted stock) and non-financial assets (i.e. real estate held for rental income or private company shares) when determining an appropriate asset allocation.

  • Include a personalized investment policy statement that shows long-term expected returns and anticipated levels of risk to ensure that our clients fully understand how their portfolio should respond to market conditions.

  • Can be structured to include multiple currencies to match anticipated long-term liabilities, for example university fees that could be in US$, CDN$, GBP or EUR or retirement plans that have not been finalized and could include different countries.

  • Incorporate Monte Carlo analysis to advise the likelihood of our clients’ assets and distributions being sufficient to meet long term goals.

  • Include details of all costs – we are fully transparent.

  • We always act in the best interest of our clients and commit to our clients that we are acting as a fiduciary.

We can help you achieve your goals with our exceptional products and experienced team.

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